‘Surrealism occurs in everyday life’

This collection is a visual exploration of the surrealism that occurs in everyday life, particularly that of body manipulation and mutation, warping the frame and silhouette to represent distortion and abnormalities in the body. A fresh take on beauty and aesthetics combining a controversial theme with a high fashion avant-garde style. The design process has been heavily influenced and inspired by surrealism, both in real life and in art, particularly the work of Jenny Saville and her portrayal of the female form. Tight panels of warn leathers and skins adorn many of the garments indicating a sense of struggle and restriction, where as the contrasting quilted jerseys bulge and protrude from the figure with the sense of abnormality found in mutated fat and skin. The collections colour theme is based around the warm yellow tones of the body, with the inkblot inspired black used to enhance and cut through the garments with line and structure inspired by the surrealist sculptor Gabriel Orozco.

(photography credited to Lambert Davis)

inspirational imagery for INNOVATION


A/W 2011 TRENDS.

A/W 2011 TRENDS.

Texture fusion
– a fusion of organic textural effects, printed illusions and craft, fabrics contrasting and complimenting each other within garments.

Panelling – combining luxurious fabrics and textures through panelling and patchwork particularly focussing on colour blocking the body.

Tailoring – boyish sensibility and bold masculine tailoring particularly in the trouser to create gender-neutral outerwear.

Sports lounge – luxury fabrics and easy volume styled into sports inspired separates.

Neutral hair and makeup - natural base makeup and easy swept back hair seen on many of the A/W 2011 catwalks provide a natural canvas for the heavily textured and panelled garments.

A/W 2011





Furs/ skins



A/W 2011





Coffee liqueur

Orchid hush


a few from the magazine shoot...




To me, the best information is that of the new and the strange. People often comment on the here and now, the obvious – but what of the unknown and the unheard of underground world that so many of us live to be part of. I often wonder more about what isn’t stuck under my nose or forced upon me by the more contemporary cultural promotion magazines, I am far more interested in what I can uncover from the hidden. What isn’t so apparent or observable, no- I want to know what I can find through the exploration of a person, a place and a new scene.

I bring to you in this supplement a look into a city that is famed for its bad weather, architectural landmarks and afternoon tea- But that isn’t what Purple is about. No, instead we have created a true Purple inspired insight into the urban retreats of the capital city and taken a look into some of London’s more unconventional getaways and recluses in a celebration of the avant-guard and the rebellious. I wanted to show you a different side to a city that is so well known- an alternative travel guide you could say. In any case, it is an exploration into strange, the wonderful and the new.

Our artistic approach, as always, is one that focuses on the hard work and talents of our team, and the expansion of our ever-growing Purple community over seas. But what continues to link us all together, me, the people featured in the publication, and you, the reader is the information we continue to provide, to be part of, and to crave.




Since studying at the London Collage of Fashion Ezme now works as an urban freelance makeup artist in the UK’s capital city. Working in fashion, television and performance, she has been able to develop her artistic skills into the individual exciting talent she shows today.

“I’ve always seen make up as art and a form of self expression.”

“I love that every job I do is so different and I’m constantly meeting new people.”

“London is such a diverse place its hard not be inspired by it! It has everything you'll ever need and things change so quickly here. There are always new things to see and be apart of. It has an energy unlike any other place Iv been to.”

As assistant makeup artist to Vivienne Westwood at this years London Fashion Week and an array of shoots planned over the next couple of moths she keeps herself busy… so does this urbanite manage to fit in any down time in to her demanding schedule…?

“Where I live is on the outskirts of London so it’s a great place to relax and get away from the city.”

“Make up is my life! Its what I do to relax! I also love wandering around London. Just spending some time to really take it all in.”

“London can get quite overwhelming sometime and I think that a break can help you see things (and the city!) In a new light.”



With a string of successful stage shows, BBC dramas and the Hollywood film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire under her belt the emerging star who bases herself in south London is well and truly living amongst the showbiz community and loving it. After recently finishing her role as Mercedes in the UK’s number one sell out tour of the musical ‘GLEE’ this London socialite is well on her way to becoming a British star on screen and stage.

I have been in the industry since I was two and love it more and more everyday. Performing is my release and being able to do it as a profession is a blessing.”

“London is the UK hub for all things showbiz. Everywhere you turn there are theatres and lots of other stagey things. London has its own showbiz community where everybody knows everybody so its comforting to know your surrounded by people who are doing the same thing as you. You can't find that everywhere.”

“I don't believe that you can ever "Make it" as there is always something bigger and better out there and you can constantly be working to better yourself in whatever you do.”

With a hectic work schedule but a social life that many of is would dream of, is there any real need for this performing belle to get away from it all and find her urban retreat…?

“The performing arts industry can be very stressful at times. If I have had a bad day or a bad audition I sometimes go to the South Bank… walking along the river when it gets dark maybe popping into a few nice bars on the way.”

“My favorite part of the city has to be Soho. Its right in the west end so its a great place to get to after a show and you always end up bumping into people you know. I think its the fact that everyone is embraced in Soho, no matter who you are.”

“My Idea of a London retreat is a weekend in a top hotel with champagne, great food, spa treatments and a really good group of friends. I like staying in hotels in London as it is such an amazing place but when you live and work there you forget how lucky you are to have the amazing things you do around you. When I stay in a hotel I treat London like I'm a tourist and 9 years later I'm still discovering new things. That’s the beauty of the city.”