My second day of blogging... and i think i might be getting the hang of it... sort of. Im planning to do a few outfit posts tomorrow, ive just bought the most gorgeous Topshop dress to wear out on my birthday, id love all your opinions on it when i put it up. :)
thanks for taking he time to look at my very bare blog...


  1. Ooo cant wait to see it :)
    Follow me and ill follow back?? :)

  2. I love love so far! I really like the first post! I want those shorts!

  3. A suggestion, just comment on as many blogs as you can to get your name out there ;)

  4. Hello! Thank you for your sweet comment. I'm loving your blog already..cannot wait to see your first outfit post. What course are you studying in london? I'm moving to london in september as I'm hoping to study at LCF..very excited! If you have any questions about blogging just drop me an email I'd be more than delighted to help!

  5. im doing a fashion design degree at Ravensbourne. i love it. LCF is also amazing was on my list of uni choices :)
    london-dreamer x

  6. I'd love to see your new dress! Looking forward to it!

  7. aw well hello to the world of fashion blogging girl :)

    xx lue

  8. Hi, and welcome to the Blogosphere. I don't know if I am qualified to give a tip or two... But stay true to yourself. Don't try and be a copy of a great blog. rather, find your own style and go with it.

    Best of luck...


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