Video project to create and style a character for a short 2-3 minute film.
so... meet Verity, a vivacious and confident 29 year old, Verity Johnson lives alone in a small rented ground floor flat in the sought after area of Chelsea, London.  The beautiful white brick and black door town houses line her walk to work in Sloane Street, where she runs and owns a small antiques shop that sells vintage and restored furniture. She is an old fashioned romantic and searching for love, often finding herself on numerous blind dates, set up by her many friends. Although her efforts to find love are ever increasing, she has yet to complete her fairytale London life with the man of her dreams. Verity is often found eating out with friends in many of Chelsea’s Italian bistros, having travelled around Italy in her early twenties she adores Italian cuisine and finds that her own attempts to recreate her much loved dishes are often disastrous. Like most of her life Verity’s style is original and slightly quirky as she often buys her clothes from London’s many boutiques and markets. Feminine yet stylish Verity is not scared to stand out in a crowd and look unique. 

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  1. Loving your blog - your style is fabulous!! :)


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