D&G Proves that cold weather doesn't have to mean baggy jumpers and bobble hats!

As the weather in London this morning is FREEEEZING, i think that a bit D&G fall 2010 is quite apt! i love this quirky twist on ski season glamour!! of course the garments are completely unpractical, and if you stepped out in snowflake jumper hot pants in the middle of winter you would not only freeze but also be put of the crazy list.... but to be honest who cares! let me know what you feel about this risqué winter wardrobe....


  1. whoaaaaa, love ur blog!
    really :)!
    following u now ;).
    I'm like obsessed with London!
    No kidding the first time i went to London i felt in love with it, i'm sure i will live there in the future ;)
    you are sooo damn lucky to be living there right now!
    well good luck with ur career in fashion!

    visit my blog/comment & follow > if u like ;)
    >new update!

  2. Fabulous blog and gorgeous photos! Um, I'd like to wear every single outfit, please. Lol.


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