ok... so i actually didn't take much of a break, maybe im addicted to blogging?!
im totally stressing out today, as my project is due in tomorrow and i still have sooooo much to do... but im getting there.
thought id show you all a few pics from the photo shoot i did yesterday. my theme is 'grandad dont go crazy' and based around my grandfather who suffers from dementia. in the project ive looked at elderly male clothing such as baggy jumpers on the female form... combined with patterns from brain scans. its weird and completely different from anything i have ever designed before, but i guess the whole point of this topic is to push me to do something different.
the model in the images is my housemate lauren :)


  1. cool arrengements! :)


  2. I love dressing like a granddad, it's half my joy in life finding some million year old jumper I thought I'd lost!


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