Emilio Pucci... fan or not? im undecided

so, i have come across the design label Emilio Pucci (now run by the late Emilio's daughter Laudomia Pucci) and i cant decide how i feel about the label/brand. out of the 40 something piece collection there were only four outfits i liked... the rest were in my opinion bland, unimaginative and nothing new. BUT the pieces i did like... i loved. especially this gorgeous blue Grecian style dress. for me the collection just didnt work as a package, which is why i find it so hard to judge as one thing.
if you want to see the complete collection for yourself check out this link...
and let me know your opinions.


  1. these photos ... amazing ! love the second one. i want her outfit

    xx lue

  2. Pucci is usually so loud. This collection stood out to me though in a different way, I kind of liked it. But like you I still can't decide. We really love your blog!

  3. Thanks for visiting pixelatedblonde.com :)

    I agree, the grecian pucci dress is amazingly gorgeous, and I love love love the look of the fur coat too!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  4. i agree with the Fword.. the second is my fave!!!


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