Since studying at the London Collage of Fashion Ezme now works as an urban freelance makeup artist in the UK’s capital city. Working in fashion, television and performance, she has been able to develop her artistic skills into the individual exciting talent she shows today.

“I’ve always seen make up as art and a form of self expression.”

“I love that every job I do is so different and I’m constantly meeting new people.”

“London is such a diverse place its hard not be inspired by it! It has everything you'll ever need and things change so quickly here. There are always new things to see and be apart of. It has an energy unlike any other place Iv been to.”

As assistant makeup artist to Vivienne Westwood at this years London Fashion Week and an array of shoots planned over the next couple of moths she keeps herself busy… so does this urbanite manage to fit in any down time in to her demanding schedule…?

“Where I live is on the outskirts of London so it’s a great place to relax and get away from the city.”

“Make up is my life! Its what I do to relax! I also love wandering around London. Just spending some time to really take it all in.”

“London can get quite overwhelming sometime and I think that a break can help you see things (and the city!) In a new light.”

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