LONDON - metropolis

london metropolis project: to design an outfit comprising of a skirt and shirt that portray your interpretation of LONDON METROPOLIS.

“I will capture your heart with a playful smile and a lingering gaze”

To me, this look is about capturing attention but with class and femininity. The tightly fitted under-skirt that conforms around the curves of the female body is shown in subtle glimpses from beneath layers of playful and energetic pleats that sweep to one side with direction and flare. These folds of fabric are continued in the shirt to emphasise a sense movement and softness against the more masculine details of the over sized cuffs and contrasting metal zip fastenings. The neckline is elegantly framed with a simplistic rolled hem to accentuate the woman’s feminine facial features and collarbone. This outfit is for the female who knows the art of subtlety, but is not afraid to make a statement with it.

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