‘Surrealism occurs in everyday life’

This collection is a visual exploration of the surrealism that occurs in everyday life, particularly that of body manipulation and mutation, warping the frame and silhouette to represent distortion and abnormalities in the body. A fresh take on beauty and aesthetics combining a controversial theme with a high fashion avant-garde style. The design process has been heavily influenced and inspired by surrealism, both in real life and in art, particularly the work of Jenny Saville and her portrayal of the female form. Tight panels of warn leathers and skins adorn many of the garments indicating a sense of struggle and restriction, where as the contrasting quilted jerseys bulge and protrude from the figure with the sense of abnormality found in mutated fat and skin. The collections colour theme is based around the warm yellow tones of the body, with the inkblot inspired black used to enhance and cut through the garments with line and structure inspired by the surrealist sculptor Gabriel Orozco.

(photography credited to Lambert Davis)

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