20 year old British born Barcikowski is emerging as one of the most talented young traceurs in the French adrenalin pursuit of Parkour. Using just his body to overcome urban obstacles, hes ones of London’s real life Spidermen. Weather it’s ‘doing flips in a gorilla suit and feeling like a nobhead’, or ‘being flown out to Dubai to perform in a show for the King’, his passion has given him opportunities beyond what this city boy could ever dream…

“I don't know how long until my knees die and i can no longer withstand brutal impact on my joints.. Its definitely a case of fuck it, this is what’s good right now.”

“Some of my favorite places to go and train would have to be elephant and castle… Its a shit hole but the architecture is perfect for what we do.”

“Being the capital city there has been many print/ video campaigns that use famous London landmarks and ‘urban’ dudes jumping around.”

“Some of the more ghetto looking places make you feel a bit bad ass that your training in such a grimy place ha but as soon as any hooded youths come along I’m ready to climb over a wall and run away!”

So, when he’s not slowly crippling his body or hanging around London’s shitholes how does Spidey retreat in the hustle and bustle of urbanized London…?

“A sunny day/no injuries/ a pair of trainers and jogging bottoms/ money in your wallet to go Tesco’s to get pasta pots and water and a travel card. That is all.”

“Its a good contrast to just be sat on a wall or climbing something wearing jogging bottoms where people think your a bit of a pikey until you do a flip and then there all like oh cool and get their cameras out… and then be walking on the same street wearing jeans and just looking at everything wishing you were dressed accordingly to jump around on it.”

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