To me, the best information is that of the new and the strange. People often comment on the here and now, the obvious – but what of the unknown and the unheard of underground world that so many of us live to be part of. I often wonder more about what isn’t stuck under my nose or forced upon me by the more contemporary cultural promotion magazines, I am far more interested in what I can uncover from the hidden. What isn’t so apparent or observable, no- I want to know what I can find through the exploration of a person, a place and a new scene.

I bring to you in this supplement a look into a city that is famed for its bad weather, architectural landmarks and afternoon tea- But that isn’t what Purple is about. No, instead we have created a true Purple inspired insight into the urban retreats of the capital city and taken a look into some of London’s more unconventional getaways and recluses in a celebration of the avant-guard and the rebellious. I wanted to show you a different side to a city that is so well known- an alternative travel guide you could say. In any case, it is an exploration into strange, the wonderful and the new.

Our artistic approach, as always, is one that focuses on the hard work and talents of our team, and the expansion of our ever-growing Purple community over seas. But what continues to link us all together, me, the people featured in the publication, and you, the reader is the information we continue to provide, to be part of, and to crave.


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